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Newsletters: Sample Article #2 from “The Seventh Cycle”
A.R.E. Greater Boston Area

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Winter 2007
By Lois Quinn

A sample article written for The Seventh Cycle, a newsletter from the greater Boston area A.R.E.

As 2007 begins, greetings of “Happy New Year!” and a renewed hope for world peace abound as we wish others happiness and abundance. How many times have we voiced “happiness”. We say Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Happy Easter, Happy Thanksgiving, etc. Have we really thought about what happiness means and how do we get “happy”? Does it happen when we get a promotion, a raise, a compliment, take a vacation, win the lottery, or embrace our newborn? When we get what we want does this capture “happiness”. Perhaps it does for a moment in time but is this the happiness that sustains us and allows us to face each day with revived faith and expectation for a better world? Is “happy” an action word?

Thomas Jefferson wrote in our Declaration of Independence that all people are entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Does this mean we are assured of happiness if we pursue it? How does one go about pursuing happiness? I read somewhere that you can trick yourself into being happy! When you arise every morning repeat numerous times, “I am happy”! Do it faithfully and you will begin to feel happy! I have tried this myself and it really does work to some extent as long as there is a commitment and an expectation of being happy! By feeling “happy”, I equated this with being positive, optimistic, caring and productive. A feel good mode! I also remembered what Edgar Cayce said, “Thoughts are things” and what we think about and dwell upon will become a reality. That brings quite a responsibility in what thoughts are constantly running through our minds especially as we seek happiness. I came across this dream Cayce had in 1932. “Saw how a thought acts on the brain. It goes as a little wiggletale, and if you don’t want it if it’s repulsive and you shudder, it comes on in—but if you determine ‘I won’t have it’ and close yourself to it, it is pushed on down and slapped away. The brain should be so guarded with construction that destruction can’t come in (262 series).” Think about that one!!

According to the wisdom of Buddha, happiness comes when your work and words are of benefit to yourself and others. As we know Cayce felt the way to achieve Oneness with the Creator is in service to others. Give some thought to what really makes you happy over time. Have you connected with the light and channeled it to others? When you’ve helped someone, showed kindness, given of yourself to be creative for the betterment of mankind even in a small quiet way, does that give you the feeling of happiness? After perusing some of the readings, I noticed that happiness seems to be accompanied by peace and joy. Maybe peace can be attained if we are happy and joyful. “Man’s spiritual capacity for happiness, consciousness, peace and love is infinite and eternal but man’s sensuous capacity for these characteristics is limited—has a beginning and an end, and thus are unreal in comparison to the spiritual and real faculties—i.e.—the alpha and omega—the infinite beginning and end (136-23).” “Gain knowledge of the truths and those great truths that bring peace and happiness to the innermost being of the entity (140-10).” Satiating yourself with physical pleasures will only leave you wanting.

A few years ago, one of my sisters and I went to a spa / ranch for several days of relaxation and pampering!! Among other offerings, spiritual activities and workshops were also available. Each morning, I attended the sunrise yoga and meditation. One evening my sister asked me how to meditate. I explained my philosophy and process and we meditated together. It was so uplifting as we both felt a spiritual connection. That night as I was dreaming, I heard a voice say to me, “Would you like to know the spiritual truths?” I said “yes”. I then saw a note card with the title, “Universal Truths” but I couldn’t make out the rest. I said, “I can’t see the rest of the card”! The card moved closer to me and under the heading was #1 Love one another. That was it!! If we show love to one another, how can we miss! How difficult it is to show love to those who are hateful! That’s the challenge. “As the Light of Truth is seen in the eye of the entity, through same is gained the great peace and joy and happiness that only comes with an entity contacting that full force of the universal forces as are manifest in the world from the divine spirit force to individuals who will allow, who will take, use same; not for own self motive, self purpose, self reasons, but that others may gain the full greater access to that divine force as is manifested in this material world (143).”

Overthrow the doom and gloom! Radiate helpfulness, cheerfulness, loveliness, all of the perfected gifts in this material world. How could loving one another not bring peace and joy to our existence? How could practicing the fruits of the spirit, kindness, brotherly love, patience, long-suffering not bring the peace to this world that we so desire? As the song goes, “Make someone happy, (more than) just one someone happy and you will be happy, too”!! Start the New Year’s Ball rolling—“When two or more are gathered in His name, He will be there also”—keep gathering, keep loving, keep lending a helping hand and keep “happy”!

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