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Study Groups: How Do I Join a Group?
A.R.E. Greater Boston Area

Once you’ve decided to join a group, what’s next? How do you actually join one? The short answer is, Come to meetings. That’s all it takes. The decision is yours to make: there are no formal announcements or agreements, no study group membership fees. Just decide that you’d like to pursue it. Here’s how to get the ball rolling:

  1. Read our other frequently asked questions page called “What is a study group?” This will give you an overview of what you might expect at a gathering.
  2. Find a group meeting in your area. Check out our schedule of local meetings for a list. Then...
  3. Contact the study group host. (Here is a page of contacts.) Contact the host and pepper her or him with questions about what a typical meeting is like. Get the time/date of the next meeting, the address, directions, and parking details. You might also want to leave your contact information: if the upcoming meeting is delayed they can notify you. (What if there’s no group in your region or that fits your schedule? There are three things you can do: 1) Consider starting a group yourself. Read this FAQ. 2) Contact our study group coordinator, Patty McCarthy, at 1-781-878-1974 and let her know your region, your contact info, and that you’re seeking a group. 3) Join an online-only study group hosted by EdgarCayce.org (see last section of that page). Worldwide members communicate through email at a time of their choosing.)
  4. Attend meetings. You may come regularily or as your schedule permits. You can come alone or with friends or family.
  5. When asked if you’re a member of an Edgar Cayce study group, answer, “Yes!”
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